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 ALCORN MIDDLE SCHOOL07/22/2015 Until FilledExternal 
 BRENNEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL10/29/2015 Until FilledExternal 
 COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL06/25/2015 Until FilledExternal 
 FOREST HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY02/23/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 OFFICE OF CUSTODIAL OPERATIONS05/19/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 W G SANDERS MIDDLE02/23/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 ALCORN MIDDLE SCHOOL02/23/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL05/27/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 DREHER HIGH SCHOOL10/13/2015 Until FilledExternal 
 EAU CLAIRE HIGH SCHOOL05/27/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 HORRELL HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 KEENAN HIGH SCHOOL06/02/2015 Until FilledExternal 
 MAINTENANCE SERVICES DEPARTMENT05/31/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 STUDENT NUTRITIONAL SERVICES02/24/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 HORRELL HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL12/09/2015 Until FilledExternal 
 CRAYTON MIDDLE SCHOOL09/11/2015 Until FilledExternal 
 HUMAN RESOURCES RECRUITMENT02/05/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 SOUTHEAST MIDDLE SCHOOL02/22/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 KEENAN HIGH SCHOOL05/27/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 HUMAN RESOURCES11/15/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 ADULT & COMMUNITY EDUCATION07/19/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 SOUTHEAST MIDDLE SCHOOL03/09/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 EDWARD TAYLOR ELEMENTARY03/09/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 KEENAN HIGH SCHOOL07/11/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 AREA TRANSPORTATION OFFICE E C09/09/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 AREA TRANS OFFICE LOWER RICHLA07/19/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 FACILITIES MANAGEMENT SERVICES04/24/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 OFFICE OF TECHNOLOGY SERVICES03/22/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 HEYWARD GIBBES MIDDLE SCHOOL11/02/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 HOPKINS MIDDLE SCHOOL03/09/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 LOWER RICHLAND HIGH SCHOOL11/02/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 MILL CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL11/02/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 OFFICE OF CUSTODIAL OPERATIONS08/02/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 A C FLORA HIGH SCHOOL11/02/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL03/09/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 HAND MIDDLE SCHOOL06/09/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 HAND MIDDLE SCHOOL11/02/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 HYATT PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL11/02/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 JOHN P THOMAS ELEMENTARY11/02/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 ST ANDREWS MIDDLE SCHOOL03/10/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 ST ANDREWS MIDDLE SCHOOL02/24/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 W A PERRY MIDDLE SCHOOL03/10/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 W SANDEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL05/19/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 SPECIAL EDUCATION01/19/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 HUMAN RESOURCES03/20/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 CRAYTON MIDDLE SCHOOL08/19/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 HAND MIDDLE SCHOOL10/20/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 FOREIGN LANGUAGE11/29/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 W SANDEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL06/03/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 HAND MIDDLE SCHOOL10/20/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 WATKINS-NANCE ELEMENTARY03/09/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 C A JOHNSON HIGH SCHOOL03/10/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 JOHN P THOMAS ELEMENTARY03/01/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 WEBBER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL09/21/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 HOPKINS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL01/04/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 MEADOWFIELD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL12/02/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 C A JOHNSON HIGH SCHOOL02/14/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 FOREST HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY03/09/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 SOUTHEAST MIDDLE SCHOOL08/17/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 PENDERGRASS FAIRWOLD SCHOOL01/31/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 BURNSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL02/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 HUMAN RESOURCES01/04/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 STUDENT TRANSPORTATION SERVICE07/19/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 OFFICE OF TECHNOLOGY SERVICES01/25/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 WATKINS-NANCE ELEMENTARY12/09/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 EDWARD TAYLOR ELEMENTARY11/15/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 BURNSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL02/23/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 H B RHAME ELEMENTARY SCHOOL12/13/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 HYATT PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL10/18/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 SOUTHEAST MIDDLE SCHOOL11/16/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 CRAYTON MIDDLE SCHOOL11/15/2016 Until FilledExternal 
 CRAYTON MIDDLE SCHOOL01/13/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 WATKINS-NANCE ELEMENTARY09/29/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 FINANCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT09/07/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 SPECIAL EDUCATION08/14/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 STUDENT NUTRITIONAL SERVICES07/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 ADULT & COMMUNITY EDUCATION04/21/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 MILL CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL02/15/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 STUDENT NUTRITIONAL SERVICES06/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 GADSDEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL07/10/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 BURNSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL10/30/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 A C MOORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL11/14/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 DREHER HIGH SCHOOL12/06/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 STUDENT INTERVENTION SERVICES07/07/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 HUMAN RESOURCES10/09/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 RICHLAND ONE MIDDLE COLLEGE08/14/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 W G SANDERS MIDDLE09/29/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 A C MOORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL09/29/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 H B RHAME ELEMENTARY SCHOOL09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 LEWIS GREENVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL05/19/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 SOUTH KILBOURNE ELEMENTARY05/19/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 W SANDEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL09/29/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 DISTRICT OFFICE FACILITY09/29/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 MEADOWFIELD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL09/29/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 FOOD SERVICE CENTRAL KITCHEN09/05/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 LOWER RICHLAND HIGH SCHOOL SNS09/05/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 HUMAN RESOURCES06/26/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAMS09/08/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 DREHER HIGH SCHOOL08/24/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 RICHLAND ONE LEARNING CENTER09/01/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION07/11/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 STUDENT INTERVENTION SERVICES07/17/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 STUDENT INTERVENTION SERVICES08/23/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 OFFICE OF CUSTODIAL OPERATIONS10/04/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 A C FLORA HIGH SCHOOL09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 CAUGHMAN ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL05/19/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 CRAYTON MIDDLE SCHOOL09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 DREHER HIGH SCHOOL09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 FOREST HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 FOREST HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 HAND MIDDLE SCHOOL05/18/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 KEENAN HIGH SCHOOL09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 KEENAN HIGH SCHOOL09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 SAMUEL HEYWARD CAREER CENTER09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 ST ANDREWS MIDDLE SCHOOL09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 W G SANDERS MIDDLE09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 WATKINS-NANCE ELEMENTARY09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 A C FLORA HIGH SCHOOL09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 C A JOHNSON HIGH SCHOOL09/28/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 JOHN P THOMAS ELEMENTARY05/19/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 PINE GROVE ELEMENTARY05/19/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 SPECIAL EDUCATION08/14/2017 Until FilledExternal 
 SPECIAL EDUCATION05/12/2017 Until FilledExternal 

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